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  • The Speed You Need – BzPro Tax Software helps you do everything quicker, and speeds you through every step of preparing a return. Calculation results and full return view just a click away.

  • Shortcut keys and macros simplify data entry and reduce keystrokes.

  • Automatic data flow from federal return to state and city returns, with override options. State and city returns generated as needed. Automatic credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions. BzPro Tax also auto-fills from ZIP Code and EIN entries.

  • Multi-State Returns – Create any state return you need, without having to buy a state add-on module.

  • Look Back – Easily view fields that had data in them last year. A keyboard shortcut toggles the view, so you can quickly verify prior-year data.

  • Link Backs – Track calculated results on the tax return back to the source.

  • Double Check – Mark items in any text box, check box, or amount on a tax form as verified, flagged for review, or noted for review. If information for a verified item changes, it will automatically flag the item for review.

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