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With BzPro Tax there are no separate modules to buy

all federal and state packages are included for individual and business returns


Federal Packages

With Bzpro Tax Software, you can prepare any of the

following return types:

Form 1040 Series

Includes all states with personal income tax.

Form 1065 Series - Partnerships

  • Prepare Form 1065 returns and partner Schedule K-1s.

  • Items from Schedule K are automatically carried to the Schedule K-1 and partner basis worksheets, and prorated among partners based on ownership percentage. When interests are transferred, you can indicate the new percentage. Amounts can be overridden as need. You can also track adjusted basis for each partner.

  • State e-filing is available for Michigan SBT and Massachusetts. More states will be added as they begin to accept e-filed partnership returns.

Form 1120S Series – S Corporations

  • Prepare 1120S returns and shareholder Schedule K-1s. The Schedule K-1s can be exported to the shareholder’s 1040 return, eliminating double entry.

  • Automatically carries items from Schedule K to the Schedule K-1s and prorates among shareholders based on shares owned. For share transfers, percentage is calculated based on days shares held by each shareholder. Amounts can be overridden as needed. You can also track adjusted basis for each shareholder.

  • Includes all states that require a return for an S corporation. Massachusetts and Michigan SBT can be e-filed.

Form 1120 Series – Corporations

  • Prepare Form 1120, 1120-C, and 1120 state returns for all states that require a return for corporations.

  • Form 1120X is available for amended returns.

  • You can also prepare Form 1120-H returns for homeowners associations.

  • Includes e-filing for federal 1120 returns, as well as for Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan SBT, and Wisconsin.

Form 1041 Series – Estates and Trusts (Fiduciary)

  • Prepare any of the nine types of 1041 entities.

  • Client instruction letters can be prepared for the estate, beneficiaries, or both.

  • All 46 states that require a return for an estate income tax are included.

  • E-filing is available for the federal return and for Massachusetts.

Form 990 Series – Exempt Organizations

Prepare the following returns:

  • Form 990, 990-A, 990-B, 990-EZ, 990-N, 990-T or Form 990-PF

  • California Form 199

  • New York forms CHAR500 and CHAR500-C

Form 706 Series – Estate and Generation Skipping Transfers

Also includes California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Wisconsin.

State Tax Packages

Bzpro Tax includes everything you need for filing individual and business returns in 48 states and the District of Columbia.

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